In this Agreement:

-“Site” refers to

-“you” or the “Client” refers to you, the person downloading the Content.

-“we” or “ANL Design” refers to ANL Design, the owner and operator of this Site.

-“Content” refers to any material including all images, videos and writing that you are from this Site.


By downloading Content from the Site, you accept this Agreement and agree to abide to the conditions outlined below. All Content from the Site is the property of ANL Design who reserves the right to use any of its Content for any purposes. Ownership and all rights now and in the future for the Content remain exclusively with ANL Design.



You may only use the digital files in accordance with the terms within this Agreement. ANL Design grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferrable, worldwide personal-use license to reproduce Content for the Permitted Uses only.

There are no representation or warranties either expressed or implied. The Content is provided “as is”. ANL Design is not responsible for any third party claims or incidental, consequential or other damages that may arise from this license.



You are permitted to share the Content on social media, but all shared Content must be credited towards ANL Design or via a direct link to the image source.

You shall not copy, crop, edit, screenshot, capture or alter the photo in any other fashion upon sharing or usage.



You may:

-use the Content for personal uses only.

-display Content on personal electronic devices.

-produce physical prints of Content for personal use.



You may not:

-use the Content for online or electronic publications.

-use the Content in any applications that are intended for resale, commercial purposes or distribution for financial gain without explicit written permission from ANL Design.

-use the Content in any advertising or promotional endeavours including but not limited to brochures, product packaging, image and film presentations and commercial printing.

-use the Content in any defamatory manner.

-submit Content for competitions.



By downloading Content from the Site, you acknowledge that you have read the conditions above and understand it. In exchange for ANL Design’s Content, you accept that you are bound to this Agreement. Furthermore, you agree that this Content Use Agreement between you and ANL Design supersedes any other prior arrangements whether it be oral or written.



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