Nostalgia Above


Vivid Sydney Light Festival 2019

I have always enjoyed long car trips; open road and wide sky. As I’m driving, I feel this strange melancholy towards the clouds over the horizon as if they are the destination.

So, when I started working in the city the clouds I would see in between buildings and down laneways became this idyllic symbol. This strange beauty in the juxtaposition between nature and the built form. The omnipresence of the clouds no matter where I went gave me hope and a sense of serenity even when I was stressed or tired and allowed me to disconnect for a second, all I had to do was to look up.

we wanted Nostalgia Above to be this symbol of hope for people. The narrative was one about mental health, we worked with Beyond Blue to use weather patterns to represent a metaphorical story of the hero’s journey, about overcoming depression and anxiety. The installation transitions through short immersive light driven weather patterns starting with thunder – chaos, then rain – downfall; into overcast – isolation, finally pushing through the rainbow into sunshine -clarity. We wanted to inspire people and create this symbol where they could stop, look up, disconnect for a second and find hope.

ANL Design were two of 7 artists involved in this piece under a design imitative known as Capto Collaborative. For all rental inquiries involving these pieces or commissioning new ones please contact us at: