Vivid Sydney Light Festival 2019

As a recent migrant arriving just under a year ago, one of the first things the artist noticed and about Sydney was sense of diversity and multi-culturalism. Harmony expresses the fascination for the way a community of individuals live and breathe as one, accepting each other, choosing to embrace other cultures rather than shying away.

Society is made from threads of individualism. Each may seem boldly unique to one another yet there is a commonality of open mindedness under one flag that holds the fabric strong. This co-existence of people in Sydney is the inspiration for Harmony and the ideology that the installation hopes to celebrate.

This concept is articulated through the form of a tree, in which six elements of light and sound spiral from the root to the canopy. Through vibrant and distinctive colours, each segment represents a metaphor for different people, backgrounds and cultures. Together they become the swirling and spiralling embodiment of our interconnectedness and unison.

The segments can be played like musical instruments. Visitors are encouraged to step on the illuminated pressure pads to trigger a unique animation of light and sound. Each element is one instrument in a symphony. When all six are triggered together, a memorising display is activated, celebrating our society’s unity. This synchronicity underscores the very essence of Harmony.

ANL Design member Lawrence served as the Project Manager for Harmony and acted as a design consultant throughout the design process. For all rental inquiries involving these pieces or commissioning new ones please contact us at: